ECVC Making A Difference w/ Sustainability

Our planet faces one of the most serious environmental crises and the conservation of biodiversity is essential to maintain balance for ecosystems. For this reason, whenever you visit us at El Cid Resorts, you could learn about the programs and actions we undertake for the care of the environment and thus, decrease our ecological footprint. Together we can do the difference!
El Cid Resorts in Riviera Maya operates the Caribe Paradise Nursery, where we reproduce about 67 native species. Did you know that the siricote is a native tree of Quintana Roo and that its flower is representative of the State? We call Native Plants those that are natural to the place. They have an important role for local ecosystems as they are adapted to the particular conditions of their environment. Some of its benefits are: they offer shelter, food, breeding for wild fauna, such as birds, mammals and butterflies, among others. Their conservation is essential for the maintenance of biodiversity.
Whenever you come to Riviera Maya, take a walk through the Caribbean Paradise Nursery and learn about the beauty of our native plants, their importance and the benefits they bring us.

El Cid Resorts donated areas to jungles and mangroves in the Riviera Maya, accounting for a 75% of the total land integrating the Puerto Morelos Ecologic State Park Trust (180 ha), in addition to the most recent 23- ha voluntary donation for Mangrove Conservation, and the Environmental Handling Unit, Caribe Paradise Nursery, for the production of four mangle species (black, red, white and button-wood).