Wellness Week – A new experience coming to Ventus at El Cid Marina Spa and Beach Resort

Wellness Week – A new, mindful and active experience coming to Ventus at El Cid Marina Spa and Beach Resort in Riviera Maya. From the week of March 11th, 2021 through March 14th, 2021 a conceptual experience focused on health, wellness and nutrition will be offered at Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort. This unique retreat and first of its kind experience, will focus on a mindful balance of mind, body and soul with workshops, meals and activities designed to teach each participant and support the idea of how to start or continue living a healthy life style promoting and incorporating exercise, nutrition, meditation and organization. Wellness professionals ranging from a Yoga instructor, fitness coach, nutritionist and even a space organizer will share their expertise in a completely thought out and thorough 4 day program.




Program includes:

  • Welcome Kit per person (includes protective mouth cover, 1 jump rope, 1resistance band)
  • 3 Pre-designed meals including snacks
  • 4 Full Body work-outs
  • A healthy dinner incorporating a Mayan ritual
  • Yoga Detox and meditation
  • Master workshops
  • A bike tour of Puerto Morelos
  • “Night-Rides”
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Scheduled water and beach activities like kayak and paddle boarding


Daniela Vizcarra- Nutritionist 

Krizia Meyer-Fitness Coach 

Ada Melissa Carrillo Rodriquez- Yoga Instructor  

Ana Gaby Ornelas -Fitness Coach 

Clarissa Vizcarra- Space Organizer 

PRICE $ 150 USD (4- day program)

Whether this type of living is already part of your daily routine, something you want to try out or simply curious and want to learn more, this opportunity is the perfect scenario for you. Please contact your onsite concierge while on property for more detailed information or give our Member Service center a call.

Important Note to Consider: Event program activities and all workshops will be conducted in Spanish.



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