International company certifies Ventus at Marina el Cid

We are pleased to announce that the new resort of the El Cid family, Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort located in the Mexican Caribbean, successfully approved the audit by the prestigious worldwide health and safety company, Check Safety First. With this validation, Ventus at Marina El Cid received the Cristal Food Check certification for producing safe and hygienic food for the consumption of guests.

The Check Safety First Group implements risk management systems and software in hotels around the world in order to keep guests safe. Each and every one of the hotels that have been certified, have shown a high level of cleanliness since they have been subjected to rigorous audits.

Cristal International Standards

This type of actions guarantee that Ventus at Marina El Cid is a world-class hotel having complied with international hygiene standards in the processes and handling of food and beverages in all stages; food delivery, storage, refrigeration, freezing, preparation and service in the different restaurants and bars of the hotel.

Food Check for Ventus

It is important to highlight that Ventus at Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort also earned the Room Check Certification for demonstrating effectiveness in room cleaning operations against hygiene implications.

Room Check for Ventus


“When an international company ratifies the excellence of our processes and service it makes us feel very proud,  as it motivates us as a company to always strive to exceed the expectations of all our guests,” said Carlos Berdegué, President and Chief Executive Officer of El Cid Resorts.

These achievements will position the new resort of the El Cid Group, in the prestigious list of hotels that have these two certifications, which guarantee our guests, safety in our food and rooms, and the best vacation getaway.

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