RCI Awards Ceremony at El Cid Theater

June 2nd, 2019 marked a particularly prideful morning for El Cid Vacations Club and El Cid Resorts as a whole. A special ceremony to present the group with RCI’s highest honors of The Gold Crown Award, Excellence in Service Award and RCI President Club 2019 recognition took place at El Cid El Moro Beach’s very own El Cid Theater.

RCI is one of the world’s largest vacation exchange network with over 4,500 affiliated hotels and resorts. These distinctions are only given to a small percentage of resorts and vacation clubs worldwide that meet their exceptional high performance requirements. Out of 4 recipients in Mazatlan to earn The Excellence in Service Award 3 establishments pertained to El Cid Vacations Club, those being El Cid Marina Beach Hotel and Yacht Club, El Cid El Moro Beach and El Cid Granada Hotel & Country Club.  Perhaps the most exclusive of these recognitions was the admission to the 2019 Presidents Club, a recognition that was only presented to 8 establishments in all of Latin America, El Cid Vacations Club being one of them.

Different from years before this award ceremony also included a detailed and profound presentation directed towards its staff in efforts to not only enlighten the personnel as to what exact requirements must be met to qualify for such awards, but also intended as a token of appreciation for the daily commitment and  hard work they demonstrate continuously. Employees from different areas such as housekeeping and reception were also highlighted during the ceremony for exemplifying their exceptional service.

El Cid Vacations Club thrives on offering insuperable vacationing experiences for members and guests alike through high quality accommodations and amenities. However, more importantly the one of a kind, warm, friendly hospitality and service its staff delivers is really what sets the group apart and atop.

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