Getting to ECVC Properties is now Faster and Easier

El Cid Vacations Club is excited for the opening of the new beltway. This new connection allows travelers to efficiently travel between the Mazatlán International Airport and its properties. Its now easier to get to El Cid El Moro Beach, El Cid Marina Beach Hotel and Yacht Club, and El Cid Granada Hotel and Country Club in less time.

This significant infrastructure project began in February 2018 and officially opened last month. With the addition of this new beltway travel time between the Mazatlán International Airport and El Cid Marina Beach has been reduced to 20 minutes. This allows travels to not have to drive through the city of Mazatlán. The beltway benefits the 465,000 residents of Mazatlán and surrounding towns of Concordia and El Rosario. In addition to the 2 million tourists who visit Mazatlán annually. With two lanes, this new beltway will allow daily traffic of 1,600 vehicles.

Not only has travel time from the airport to El Cid Vacations Club’s properties decreased, but transportation from the airport to any of El Cid’s properties is free of charge for ECVC members and timeshare guests. All guests need to do is schedule their transportation at least 48 hours from their arrival date.

El Cid Vacations Club has welcomed generations of guests at its three resorts in Mazatlán, as well as its award-winning, luxury properties in Riviera Maya and Cozumel. ECVC prides itself for its authentic Mexican hospitality combined with world-class amenities, fine dining options, modern spa facilities, and immaculate golf courses.

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Getting to ECVC Properties is now Faster and Easier