El Cid Vacations Club Resort Celebrates 25 Years as RCI Gold Crown Resort

For a quarter of a century, the El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel El Moro Beach Resort has been recognized as a Gold Crown resort.

In the world of travel there are several distinctive awards that are coveted by companies in the industry, and few are as renowned as the RCI Gold Crown award. The RCI Gold Crown award is the highest distinction that RCI (Resorts Condominiums International) has to give to resorts, and in fact, RCI only offers this distinction to about 10% of the resorts that participate in the RCI program. Resort Condominiums International offers its highest ratings and rewards to resorts based on feedback from guests. RCI uses this feedback to score resorts, and when a resort is determined to have met a high standard of excellence based on these reviews, the venue may earn this distinctive rating. The Gold Crown rating is meant to make the truly stellar resorts stand out to guests, identifying the best resorts across the globe to travelers who want to experience the most luxurious getaways, and a pristine level of customer service. Resorts that are given the RCI Gold Crown distinction are highly sought after and beloved by travelers.

El Cid Vacations Club’s El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel in Mazatlán has been awarded the RCI Gold Crown distinction based on the appreciation and feedback from its members and guests. Not only has the resort been awarded the RCI Gold Crown status, earned through its extraordinary service and commitment to excellence, but it has also maintained this elevated status for a quarter of a century. For El Cid Vacation Club, 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel´s RCI Gold Crown status. This is a huge achievement for El Moro and for the whole ECVC team, and it is proof that the hard work of the Mazatlán team is paying off and making an impact on its guests.

The lovely El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel has earned the RCI’s crown jewel recognition, and it has maintained the status for years through its commitment to giving guests the stay of their lives. At El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel guests have a variety of options available to them to craft an unforgettable stay. El Moro offers ocean views, and El Cid Golf & Country Club features tennis courts, a fitness center, and spa services. Guests at the El Moro can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, and a relaxing day on the lovely onsite pool in El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel. Guests also can adventure on bay cruises and local tours. El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel also offers guests access to a lobby bar and valet parking, and it provides them with a friendly staff that speak english, so that every guest can feel at home in the resort. With so much to offer, and endless ways for guests to customize their stays, it is no wonder that El Moro has been distinguished with the RCI Gold Crown Status for 25 wonderful years.

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