ECVC Prepares to Re-Open Doors w/ their #AlwaysCommitted Campaign

In preparing to welcome back guests and provide the perfect setting for a clean, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable vacation; El Cid Vacations Club has enforced an amplified and enhanced sanitation and hygienic program to its operations. The program properly titled ECVC’s Cleanliness and Care Program, part of El Cid’s #AlwaysCommitted campaign; allows guests to fully enjoy their upcoming stay while simultaneously delivering peace of mind. These detailed protocols also reinforce the commitment El Cid Vacations Club has with each and every one of its members’ and guests’.

ECVC Prepares to Re-Open Doors w/ their #AlwaysCommitted Campaign
Commitment to hygiene protocols and preventive action measures against COVID-19
– El Cid’s operation has enforced and also included additional guidelines for guests, partners and staff, reinforcing its dedication to service and care, to continue offering insuperable vacationing experiences for guests and families.
– Determined to keep up with COVID-19 certification in facilities, El Cid has partnered up with experienced and world-renowned companies specialized in quality and hygienic processes certification, Preverisk( Link) and Cristal(Link), to properly carry out vigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures throughout all of the different areas within resorts.
– All staff will wear masks, gloves and when necessary protective masks.
– Physical distancing is enforced in all areas.
– Placement of antibacterial gel in all “guests contact” areas.

Committed upon arrival:
– Upon arrival physical contact with transportation vehicles and people is to be avoided, luggage will be received and immediately taken through a sanitation process.
– Body temperature will be checked with a thermal camera thermometer.
– Anti-bacterial gel dispensers available at set stations.
– It is necessary that guests use face masks at the time of arrival.
– Physical separation between the receptionist and guest through a protective glass.
– Valet service temporarily suspended. Indications provided of available.
– Check-in and check-out done by a single person per family following the distance signs posted on floors.
– Symbols and signs displayed to reinforce physical distancing in areas like: front desk, spa, restaurants, swimming pools etc.
– Assigned and exclusive personnel for bracelet placement following hygiene measures.
– Work areas, surfaces, materials and equipment routinely and constantly cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours.
– Staff and guests are encouraged to respect the “no contact” and physical distancing policies, a wave and smile go a long way. Staff wears #AlwaysCommitted” pin.

Commitment to Groups and Conventions:
– Larger groups, charters and event parties that plan to arrive have a special area assigned according to the number of guests that make up the group to check-in and deliver bracelets.
– Designated personnel assigned to each group according to needs, always keeping a safe physical distance and carrying the necessary equipment.
– Each group must fill out a pre-registration form that must be sent 48 hours before arrival, thus avoiding conglomerations.

Commitment to Room Cleanliness:
– Complete disinfection and sanitation carried out in rooms with nebulizing equipment meeting the requirements of the COVID-19 certification.
– Housekeeping team wear latex gloves and face masks when performing the indicated cleaning processes.
– Unnecessary and/or additional cushions, pillows, covers and towels that will not be used are to be removed from the room.
– All room bedding changed upon departure.
– With a Hygiene Photometer random tests to scan rooms, corridors and work equipment carried out to verify proper disinfection practice.
– Air conditioning filters cleaned and disinfected after departure and bactericide is applied to air conditioning outlet grilles.
– Riviera Maya properties count with a sophisticated external air cooling process installed that is used in all rooms when turning on the air conditioning, obtaining a 24-hour clean air system.
– Rooms will have a “guarantee seal”, indicating that the room has been sanitized under the strict protocols of Preverisk and Cristal.
– Carpets in all rooms have been removed.

Human Resources’ Commitment:
– Enforced and added permanent protocols that include the use of face masks, hand washing and physical distance in all areas of the resorts.
– Implementation of antibacterial gel before the collaborator’s entrance to the hotel and in different areas of operation.
– A cleaning protocol for personnel transportation is carried out before and after each arrival.
– Temperature check of all collaborators upon arrival.
– The Human Resources staff and area supervisors monitor the correct use of face masks, gloves, and antibacterial gel in all areas of the resort.
– Developed and established specialized trainings in the cleaning processes for all areas including suggestions for employees to practice at home, focused on staff and their families’ safety.
– Manual created with essential information on standard hygiene processes and protocols for collaborators and their families.
– The Quality and Hygiene staff is in charge of verifying all the interaction processes with guests, established by the Preverisk and Cristal certifier.
– A cleaning protocol is carried out for transportation before and after the arrival of staff.
– Physical distancing in areas for staff in dining rooms, offices and dressing rooms, following the implemented and recommended standards.
– Step-in mats installed to disinfect the soles of staff member shoes.
– The Human Resources department has medical personnel to carry out health inspections to ensure that staff does not present symptoms such as fever, cough or flu.

Commitment in Food and Beverages:
– Established maximum capacity of guests per consumption center and distance between each table.
– Continue to enforce the implemented cleaning and disaffection processes as established by NOM-251 and the international standards of the Preverisk Group and Cristal in kitchen areas and bars.
– Restaurant doors will be opened upon arrival to welcome guests in.
– Frequent and routine disinfection of menus, checkbooks, terminals, pens and phones constantly and after each use.
– Maximum capacity of guests and access will be limited, with the help of signs and single lines; buffet lines assisted by kitchen staff.
– Chefs, cooks and other staff are to wear protective face masks and latex gloves to perform the table service.
– Intensified cleaning process and disinfection of utensils and work tables every 20 minutes.
– Acrylic barriers in the areas of bars and cashiers to prevent direct contact with guests.
– Implemented a double training for all kitchen staff on sanitizing areas both in the hotel and at home.
– Trustworthy Room Service, staff is highly trained under Preverisk and Cristal standards to prepare and deliver food.

Commitment to our Country Club:
– New regulation installed and published at different points of the Golf Club, email and website.
– Proshop staff, field and workshop are committed to using face masks and protective goggles at all times.
– Temperature check of all clients upon entering the club facilities.
– Antibacterial gel hand dispenser mounted at the entrance of the Proshop and master caddy area.
– Golf carts, sandboxes, golf club and the rest of the equipment go through a sanitation process established by Preverisk and Cristal.
– Protocols to follow during rounds of golf are visible and placed in the golf carts.
– The Caddy Masters will take temperature before doing any activity at the Golf Club.
– Maintain safe physical distance between players.
– Players will be able to check-in only 20 minutes before departure time in order to avoid congestion in areas.

Commitment to Marinas / Fishing Fleet:
– Antibacterial gel available at each unit and point of contact with clients.
– Maximum capacity of crew members in both trucks and boats in order to maintain the safety standards.
– Clients and staff will wear face masks when accessing the transportation units and boats.
– Acrylic barriers at check-in for everyone’s protection.
– The boats go through rigorous cleaning and disinfection processes on a daily basis, complying with the regulations indicated by the certifying company Preverisk.
– During the trip or activity rails and bathroom are cleaned with certified products every two hours.
– Physical distancing points established for safety.
– All equipment such as coolers, reeds and signs are disinfected with the same processes previously mentioned.

Commitment to Pronatours:
– All transportation units are washed and disinfected with standardized processes and nebulizers approved by Preverisk.
– At the end of each service a cleaning process on all surfaces in which clients or staff can come in contact with is carried out.
– Antibacterial gel dispensers, towels and disinfectant spray, disposable handkerchiefs in individual presentation.
– Continuous reinforcement of processes and protocols indicated by Preverisk, a specialized company.
– All staff is to use face masks and latex gloves at all times, maintaining a safe distance between passengers and customers.
– Limited passenger capacity in each transportation unit.
– Disinfecting towels provided for guests to clean any carry-on luggage before boarding the transportation unit.

Commitment to Pools and Beach:
– Safe distances between the loungers in swimming pools and beach areas.
– Limited number of lounge chairs in recreational areas.
– Anti-bacterial gel dispensers placed in all areas and disinfection of chairs, cushions and areas of both the pool and beach restaurants.
– Strict program for cleaning and disinfecting utensils, towels and work equipment.
– As parts of staff uniforms, personnel are to carry hair mesh, face masks and latex gloves when operating in areas such as swimming pools and the beach.

Commitment to Fitness Center & Spa:
– Limited number of users in fitness center areas.
– Anti-bacterial gel dispensers at the entrance as well as disinfecting towels for personal use.
– For gym use, appointments need to be made and are set for up to a maximum of an hour and a half.
– Equipment such as walkers, bicycles, among others, has been removed in order to keep physical distance.
– Floors and exercise equipment are disinfected every two hours.
– Massage areas, temazcal, hydrotherapy area and beauty salon are sanitized according to the strict protocols of Preverisk and Cristal.
– Staff will make use of face masks and goggles, for massages: masseuse will sanitize hands in presence of client or if preferred, massage can be done with latex gloves on.
– Between each reservation there will be a period of 40 minutes to carry out sanitation processes.

Shows and Activities:
– During shows and activities physical distance between each guest will be implemented.
– Dressing room cleaning will take place before and after each show and shift.

Kids Club and Teens Club:
– Limited and maximum number of guests in facilities, as well as the length of stay is established to avoid conglomerations and crowding.
– Periodically and routinely clean all items and surfaces.
– Teens Club staff will wash hands after performing the disinfection process.
– Staff will use face masks and latex gloves at all times.
– Temperature will be taken before entering the facilities.

ECVC Prepares to Re-Open Doors w/ their #AlwaysCommitted Campaign